We have licensed wholesalers of foreign goods intended for wholesale trade in medicinal products, including narcotic and psychotropic drugs, medical devices, foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses and dietary supplements.


Foreign goods wholesalers work in accordance with the guidelines of Good Distribution Practice, using a specialised computer program to record the receipt and shipping of goods. This enables precise identification of the product and operations performed on it, owing to which we can provide detailed goods flow reports – weekly, monthly or from selected periods – concerning the sales structure "what?, to whom?, where?". This allows our partners to effectively plan and implement their sales and marketing strategies.

Our foreign goods wholesalers provide storage services in three temperature zones: 2-8°C, 8-15°C, 15-25°C. Warehousing takes place in a 24-hour temperature and humidity monitoring system, as well as insurance protection of the entrusted goods. Warehouse areas meet all GDP requirements and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) standard. Moreover, they have a close space limited by patent locks and an access control system approved by the Pharmaceutical Inspection.

We offer the possibility to use specialised procedures for wholesale trade in the pharmaceutical distribution chain. We can deliver the entrusted goods to any kind of entities of this trade: pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacies and hospitals. As a nationwide distributor, we are able to transport medicines to almost everywhere in Poland.

In CF CEFARM SA foreign goods wholesalers we help our partners to identify their own needs and achieve their goals based on a developed distribution model and specific cooperation rules. Internal and external inspections, as well as audits of our partners allow us to continuously improve the quality and monitor the level of satisfaction with our services.