CF CEFARM SA, on the basis of a permit for medicinal products, issued by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector, operates an Importer's Warehouse in Radomsko. It is based on contract agreements with responsible entities, manufacturers and importers.


The import process is very complex and multi-stage. Subsequent stages such as manufacturing, transport, storage and distribution take place under the supervision of different entities in different climate zones, using different means of transport (plane, ship, car) – and their course may affect the quality of the delivered medicinal product. In the Importer’s Warehouse of CF CEFARM SA, the primary objective is to take care of the quality and control of the imported medicinal product at all stages: from manufacture through transport, storage and further distribution.


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We ensure the highest quality and safety of imported products owing to the implementation of the import process based on system procedures and process instructions and procedures. The process is supervised by a professional team, which ensures efficient and comprehensive service. We have fully modern and continuously modernised equipment for storing medicinal products and controlling their storage conditions (qualified warehouses). The scope of services of the Importer's Warehouse includes storage of products in two temperature zones: at room temperature (15-25°C) and in cold storage conditions (2-8°C). The Importer's Warehouse operates in accordance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and has separate quarantine, finished product and archive sample storage rooms separated in each of the two temperature zones described above. The conditions of storage of medicinal products in the so-called "cold chain" are secured by means of backup power supply systems, backup cooling devices and a highly efficient power generator for emergency power supply, all of which minimize the effects of unexpected random events and failures.

The above scope of activity is carried out in the Importer's Warehouse and the Medicinal Products Manufacturing Plant of CF CEFARM SA in Radomsko on the basis of an authorisation issued by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector (Authorisation 054/0299/15). MIiWPL for import also holds a GMP Certificate (IWZJ.405.87.2018.ER.3 WTC/0299_03_02/168). CF CEFARM SA also holds a Certificate of Compliance of the Quality Management System with ISO 9001:2015.

The certificates we hold oblige us to provide top quality services, providing patients with safe and effective imported medicines.