At Centrala Farmaceutyczna CEFARM SA we have implemented and maintain a quality assurance system based on the requirements of ISO 9001, which is documented by Certificate no. Q&R_100 of 21.08.2014 issued by Q&R Polska Sp. z o.o.


  • Wholesale and retail of medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetic products, foodstuffs;
  • Import of medicinal products;
  • Rental of specialist warehouse space including service;
  • Distribution and storage of goods;
  • Services in the scope of storage, distribution, packing, repacking of medicinal products and products for clinical trials.

The areas of our company's activities related to the logistics of goods, i.e. Wholesaler, Consignment Warehouses and Bonded Warehouse operate in accordance with the Good Distribution Practice.

Additionally, in the areas covered by the manufacturing authorisation (Medicinal Products Manufacturing Plant in Radomsko) and import authorisation (Importer’s Warehouse in Warsaw), Centrala Farmaceutyczna CEFARM SA holds GMP Certificates. They were obtained on the basis of positive opinions of the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector after inspections and prove that the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice have been met.

At our company, we maintain the quality assurance system based on an appropriate organisational structure, determination of responsibility, having adequate resources, including personnel with required qualifications, as well as procedures, conditioning the repeatability of operations essential to ensure the required quality of products and services. Our organisation’s staff is obliged to constantly improve their qualifications.

We carry out these tasks through an extensive programme of internal audits and inspections.