The history of our company dates back to 1945. The “Central Sanitary Warehouse of the Ministry of Health” was established then. Subsequent orders and resolutions of various ministers and other state administration bodies changed the name of the company or the subject and scope of its activities. In April 2003, as a result of commercialisation, the then Centrala Farmaceutyczna CEFARM was transformed into a joint-stock company – Centrala Farmaceutyczna CEFARM SA, with the State Treasury as its shareholder.


Since its foundation, our company, as a state-owned company, has been making centrally planned purchases and sales of pharmaceuticals in Poland and abroad, running local offices, delivering supplies on a nationwide scale to pharmaceutical wholesalers and larger customers, and trading on the market throughout the country on the central level of sales of domestic and imported pharmaceuticals and sanitary ware.

Centrala Farmaceutyczna CEFARM SA has created the basis for distribution of domestic and foreign medicines in Poland.